Desert Code Camp - 2010.2 SessionsA list of all of the sessions at Desert Code Camp - 2010.2uuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=269382024-05-20T18:22:39ZDesert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26939.NET 4 Parallel Programming in C#2010-09-16T08:36:54Z2010-09-16T08:36:54Zparallel programming in .NET 4.0. Will introduce concepts including PLinQ, demo the thread analyzer, and other concepts.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26940.NET Watch me Code and Yell!2010-10-20T13:40:22Z2010-10-20T13:40:22ZThe teacher is the student! And, who doesn't like sassing back at the teacher?! *Open to 1 or more co-teachers for some live XP Programming! I learn a lot watching people code. I try to inject tips when appropriate. So, let's learn! The session will start based on a quick survey (WPF / ASP.NET / WCF / WF / Silverlight / Phone 7 / MVC, etc.). We'll begin coding and I'll describe the decisions I'm making. Everyone else will yell constructive tips. At various intervals, we will switch it up for another survey. I will have a number of libraries ready to work with (Enterprise Library 5, Caliburn, TDD frameworks like xUnit, NUnit, and Moq, etc.) *Open to suggestions.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26941AJAX with jQuery2010-09-09T16:03:03Z2010-09-09T16:03:03ZIn this session, you'll learn various techniques for adding AJAX to your site using jQuery. There will be a very brief introduction to jQuery for anyone who hasn't used it before.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26942Android Game Development with AndEngine2010-09-20T07:46:34Z2010-09-20T07:46:34ZUsing AndEngine: to develop a simple game for the Android platformCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26943Android Phone Development2010-09-15T20:25:02Z2010-09-15T20:25:02ZExpanding on the building block style programming of Scratch use Google App Inventor to build and deploy an Android Application.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26944ASP.NET MVC 3 inc. Razor, WebMatrix, and Multi-Areas2010-09-25T04:54:55Z2010-09-25T04:54:55ZThis session will briefly cover the high-level differences between WebForms and MVC and dive right into MVC 2 and MVC 3 concepts with a focus on MVC 3 and its "Razor" language. Visual Studio and WebMatrix with both be demonstrated. Bonus content: 1) We will cover how to separate your web application by developing separate "Areas" (logical components of the application) and take that a step further by reaching into undocumented "futures" capabilities by splitting our "Areas" into completely separate projects without using 3rd party libraries ("MVC Contrib"). 2) We will tackle how to support multiple domains with the same MVC application, including sub-domains. Technologies: VS2010, WebMatrix, SQL 2008 R2, Windows 7, MVC 3, Razor, Multi-Area, UnityCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26945Azure Security Practices2010-09-02T15:30:26Z2010-09-02T15:30:26ZThis presentation will walk through many of the common questions people have regarding security and the Azure cloud. Topics covered will specifically include compliance, database security, data sensitivity, and the options you have to mitigate and compensate for them. Emerging & applicable best practices in cloud computing will be outlined.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26946Back-2-Basics: .NET Coding Standards For The Real World2010-09-10T13:15:11Z2010-09-10T13:15:11ZThis session will guide any level of programmer to greater productivity by providing the information needed to write consistent, maintainable code. Learn about project setup, assembly layout, code style, defensive programming and much, much more. We will even go over some real in production code and see what the programmer did wrong in "What's Wrong With this Code?". Code tips are included to help you write better, error free applications. Lots of code examples in C# and VB.NET.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26947Back-2-Basics: Exception & Event Instrumentation in .NET2010-09-10T13:15:03Z2010-09-10T13:15:03ZThis session will instruct any level of programmer on how to easily use tracing that is built into .NET to log and analyze Exceptions and events that occur during application runtime. This is invaluable to fix bugs that only happen while the application is running. .NET TraceListeners will be discussed in detail along with how to write your own custom TraceListeners. I will also discuss and provide code for my centralized exception/ event logging system that allows applications at customer sites or on multiple servers to log to central database. Developers or technical support personal can then view these entries via an ASP.NET web site.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26948Building Composite Application Services with Windows Server AppFabric2010-09-09T11:48:19Z2010-09-09T11:48:19ZWindows Server AppFabric extends the core capabilities of IIS by providing many of the cloud benefits on-premise including elastic scale and robust hosting capabilities. Come learn how Windows AppFabric can benefit your approach to building and supporting composite application services via enhanced lifetime management, tracking, persistence of long-running workflow services and caching for performance optimization.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26949C# Ninjitsu2010-09-28T04:09:26Z2010-09-28T04:09:26ZC# has humble beginnings as an object oriented language of the purest kind. It was class-based, it was imperative, and it was component-oriented. For many years, the classic object-oriented design principles served class library designers well. But C# is no longer a purely object oriented language. It is no longer an imperative, class-based, component oriented discipline. It is also a generic, declarative, functional discipline. I will reexamine the object-oriented principles and introduce new principles. I will then introduce new refactorings as we move toward a more declarative, fluent world.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26950Continuous Integration with Hudson2010-09-13T15:01:08Z2010-09-13T15:01:08ZUse Hudson to help provide your team with continuous feedback on the state of your project. This session will teach you how to install Hudson and common techniques for using Hudson to keep you informed.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26951CouchDB changes everything2010-10-11T19:41:00Z2010-10-11T19:41:00ZOne developer's journey from MySQL to the relaxing NoSQL world of CouchDB. What is it and why would I want to use it?Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26952Creating a Windows Phone 7 App in Silverlight2010-08-30T11:24:56Z2010-08-30T11:24:56ZCreating a Windows Phone 7 App in Silverlight. Will discuss gotchas and workarounds.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26953Data Visualization: Business Intelligence on Steroids2010-10-21T21:01:23Z2010-10-21T21:01:23ZEvery business has data. However, data is not knowledge; it is the potential for knowledge. Data visualization can help unveil hidden trends and relationships within immense data sets. During the last 5 years, many tools and techniques have been developed to learn more from data than you ever could using line graphs, bar charts, and pie charts. Learn how you can extract more answers out of large data sets by mashing it up in new ways.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26954Developing Web Applications with Sharepoint 2010 and BCS2010-08-25T19:43:26Z2010-08-25T19:43:26ZThe goal of this session is to introduce attendees to the development of full-featured custom web applications using SharePoint 2010.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26955Developing web apps across devices with HTML5 + CSS32010-11-02T10:34:23Z2010-11-02T10:34:23ZThe initial design process of a fluid layout that keeps different screen sizes in mind; HTML5 code that keeps content placement flexible to work with; CSS3 code that dynamically adjusts the interface based on screen size and enhances the UI for specific form factors.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26956Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF2010-09-15T05:37:28Z2010-09-15T05:37:28ZThe purpose of this session is to show how EA helps to business objectives.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26957Fellow Workers2010-09-30T02:09:46Z2010-09-30T02:09:46ZOpen Source coding is a social experience where everyone is impacted, and anyone can be involved; everyone is a worker and this is the largest workers co-operative in the world. So we should make sure that are code is ready for any one to step in and take on right? This presentation is about coding with the goal of having someone else who we've never seen being able to step in and add to the project as needed.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26958Full Text Searching in Rails2010-09-14T13:43:37Z2010-09-14T13:43:37ZLearn how to install, configure, deploy and manage the Sphinx search engine and the ThinkingSphinx gem to bring simple, yet robust, full text searching to your Ruby on Rails application.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26959Fullstack Testing your Rails application2010-10-18T08:45:26Z2010-10-18T08:45:26ZThis track will cover tools to do unit testing, functional testing, and front-end testing of Rails applications. With emphasize on testing javascript dependent pages using a mix of RSpec/Cucumber/Capybara, Selenium, HTMLUnit, and RackTest.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26960Game Development with Scratch2010-09-15T06:04:24Z2010-09-15T06:04:24ZDevelop an old school game like Galaga using Scratch.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26961Getting Things Done (GTD) For a Geek2010-10-29T16:43:08Z2010-10-29T16:43:08ZGot way too much stuff, way to much to do and not enough time to do it in? Much of this session is based on David Allen's best selling book, Getting Things Done, and the elements in his simple, but effective system. It is a very pragmatic system and you are probably doing many aspects of the system already. If you are unfamiliar with GTD, this Wikipedia link ( gives a pretty decent overview and this link ( is the official summary. The book is available at virtually any bookstore for about $15 or less. This one hour should be sufficient to: Introduce GTD to people who never heard of GTD. Give a frame of reference that will make sense when people read/re-read the GTD book. Give Tips and tricks to ease into GTD. Show people how to create their own custom GTD system using mine as an example. Some special areas of emphasis include: Handling the piles of "Stuff" on your desk and elsewhere. Getting your email in-boxes to zero and keeping them there. Tips to make sure your doing the right thing at the right time.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26962Introducing Workflow Services in WF 4.02010-09-09T11:48:25Z2010-09-09T11:48:25ZThere are many benefits to model-driven design, including transparency of design for multiple audiences and the simplification of low-level patterns which assist in realizing application designs that are simple to implement and understand. Come learn how simple it is to build workflow services with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4.0.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26963Introduction to HTML5 - tag you're it2010-09-10T07:25:45Z2010-09-10T07:25:45ZA Flash Card Like run through of the tags. (pun intended) The do's, the dont's, the will's the wont's.. the can's and the can't quite yets. We'll take a brisk walk through this exciting progression into the next version of the Hypertext Markup Language. Come see what the fuss is all about, what you need to know now, and what you will want to keep your eye on for the future.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26964Introduction to Scala2010-09-13T15:00:57Z2010-09-13T15:00:57ZScala is a general purpose programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. It smoothly integrates features of object-oriented and functional languages, enabling Java and other programmers to be more productive.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26965iPhone Programming 1012010-09-29T09:39:17Z2010-09-29T09:39:17ZThe iPhone Programming 101 will take us into a journey that starts with a brief introduction about iPhone software architecture and iPhone SDK developing tools. We will make a stop to review the fundamentals of Objective-C and our adventure will continue creating a classical "Hello World" application using graphical user interfaces. Then we will learn how to handle multi-touch and motion detection, the CoreLocation technology, and we will finish our trip exploring the amazing graphics and media capabilities of this device.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26966Javascript Bootcamp2010-09-09T10:54:49Z2010-09-09T10:54:49ZStop writing bad JavaScript Now! Learn to avoid mistakes which lead to performance and scalability problems with your web applications. Why is the global namespace a problem? What is a closure? Can js implement OO patterns? All this and more...Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26967Keep Your UI Responsive with the BackgroundWorker Component2010-09-21T09:33:20Z2010-09-21T09:33:20ZLong running processes are a user experience killer. How many times have you had an application "lock up" while trying to complete a task? The BackgroundWorker component in .NET allows you to spawn those long-running procedures in the background and keep your WPF, Silverlight or Windows Forms user interface responsive. We'll take a look at the features of the BackgroundWorker in a WPF application including running a background process, updating the progress in the UI, canceling the process prematurely, and handling error conditions. Some .NET experience and familiarity with C# is recommended.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26968Learn the Lingo: Design Patterns2010-11-01T06:34:51Z2010-11-01T06:34:51ZYou already use Design Patterns but probably don't know it. Observer, Adapter, Iterator, Proxy -- Learning the lingo allows you to better communicate your ideas with other developers. We'll take a look at several GoF patterns that we regularly use without realizing it. Don't know who the GoF is? Join us to find out.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26969Learn to Love Lambdas2010-09-21T09:33:20Z2010-09-21T09:33:20ZLambda expressions can be confusing the first time you walk up to them. But once you get to know them, youll see that they are a great addition to your toolbox. Used properly, they can add elegance and simplicity to your code. And some .NET constructs (such as LINQ) specifically lend themselves to lambdas. Well take a look at how lambda expressions work and see them in action. No specific experience is required (but some .NET is helpful).Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26970Lego Mindstorms2010-09-15T20:24:47Z2010-09-15T20:24:47ZCreate a battle bot using the Lego Mindstorms Kit and Development Environment.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26971Modern Client Relations for Everyone2010-09-30T02:09:59Z2010-09-30T02:09:59ZSocial media, email and the increasingly networked world have all changed how clients and businesses interact. How to use these new tools along with old techniques to be sure that your clients are happy and that you stand out from the crowd.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26972MVC and Entity Framework2010-09-13T12:31:33Z2010-09-13T12:31:33ZThe introduction of MVC to the ASP.NET stack opened up a new paradigm for building web sites and web applications and, this new way of thinking leads to new ways to interact with your data. Microsoft has been promoting the Entity Framework, which many people feel is too abstract, esoteric, too much overkill, or just too darn difficult to learn. In this presentation, James will dispel all the myths and tabloid rumors you may have heard about EF and take you on a gentle dive into the following: A brief history of EF How EF becomes the mediator between developers and DBAs How to build an EF Model Wiring up the Model to your MVC app The supporting role of repositories Using LINQ to EF to get to your data How to win friends and influence people by embracing EFCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26973MVVM using Caliburn.Micro2010-08-25T19:43:44Z2010-08-25T19:43:44ZCreating a Silverlight application using the MVVM pattern and Caliburn.Micro.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26974Natural User Interfases 1012010-09-29T09:39:32Z2010-09-29T09:39:32ZA telepathic conversation with your computer? An empathic computer which understand your emotions through your facial expressions? Being able to have a non-verbal communication with it? A computer able to see your environment? A computer which can react to your physiological signals? A fairy tail?, Science fiction?, not any more!. Thanks to NUI all this is possible. Join us in our five-stop-route while reviewing the technology that makes all this come true: Brain-Computer Interfaces, Emotion-based recognition systems, Motion-capture systems, Computer-vision techniques, and Biofeedback interfaces. Let's ride and take a look into these amazing technologies that are going to bring our computers closer to us!Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26975NodeJS - Fast Server-Side Javascript2010-10-22T17:27:22Z2010-10-22T17:27:22ZNodeJs is becoming the hottest web development platform - it provides full server & web socket capabilities, is asynchronous, pure V8 javascript, completely open source, and fast, fast, fast.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26976Perl for Linux and Windows Admins2010-10-05T05:53:55Z2010-10-05T05:53:55ZPerl is a highly adaptable scripting language able to provide IT Administrators with automated availability and performance statistics. This session will cater to both Microsoft and Linux administrators. itSentinel is a simple systems monitoring tool driven by a highly customizable Perl script. What OS performance values are most important to you? What application statistics are critical for maintaining exceptional user experience? Whether you are an MS Exchange Admin, Linux Systems Admin, or responsible for multiple end-user workstations, the power of Perl can give you greater real-time visibility to what's going on. (Knowledge of basic html tags is beneficial for this session. More information available at ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26977Practical applicability of PowerPivot2010-08-27T15:35:47Z2010-08-27T15:35:47ZThe goal of this session is to show how PowerPivot can be used to combine data sources, visualize data, and create KPIs in the least amount of code.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26978Project Management In Small Shops2010-09-09T15:48:03Z2010-09-09T15:48:03ZDescribes how to scale down project management to small shops that don't have a dedicated project manager. In small shops, every member of the team must be a project manager. In this session, we'll talk about what works and what doesn't. Tips and tricks for having pleased clients and happy developers! (This could make a good panel, if some other developers from small shops want to share their experiences.)Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26979Rails 1012010-08-19T05:56:03Z2010-08-19T05:56:03ZIn less than an hour, we'll build a simple Twitter clone complete with user accounts and tweets. We'll cover models (which store your objects in a database), controllers (which retrieve and present model objects), and views (which render HTML to the browser).Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26980RESTful Android2010-09-15T20:24:36Z2010-09-15T20:24:36ZAndroid Development with RESTful API'sCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26981RESTful Data2010-09-28T04:09:34Z2010-09-28T04:09:34ZREST is an architectural style that allows for a layered, scalable, and cacheable enterprise information system. With WCF Data Services, a database can be surfaced to a service as a REST-style resource collection that is addressable with natural URIs and can be interacted with using the usual HTTP verbs: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. This session will describe OData (the Open Data Protocol), the benefits it conveys, and its uses. Then we will set up a data service using an existing database that developers would then access rather than accessing the database directly.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26982Restful services with WCF2010-09-16T10:38:44Z2010-09-16T10:38:44ZCreating restful services via WCF and the WCF toolkitCopyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26983Ruby-Processing Graphics Playground2010-08-19T05:56:52Z2010-08-19T05:56:52ZRuby-Processing is a Ruby wrapper around Processing, a simple language that lets you create images and animations. We'll demonstrate some of Processing's basic features like drawing, manipulating image files, and interacting with the mouse. We'll even run a networked server on the projector that will let people connect and experiment together! If you'd like to play around beforehand, you can install Ruby-Processing with the command: "gem install ruby-processing". The server code is here: Sample clients are here: A video of the server in action is here: ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26984Sales for NonSalesmen2010-09-30T02:09:53Z2010-09-30T02:09:53ZAnyone can be a salesman if they have to. But to be a good salesman there are a few simple rules that are important to follow. Learn some free and low-cost things you can do to increase your visibility and sales presence even if you've never been in sales before.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26985Secrets of a .NET Ninja2010-09-28T04:09:50Z2010-09-28T04:09:50ZIn my years developing C# applications, I have seen techniques both good and bad. I will demonstrate those that are good, rant against those that are bad, and reveal those unknown to many. Whether a novice or a seasoned coder, you will find something useful, or perhaps even wicked, that you can do with C# and the .NET Framework.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26986Source code review strategies2010-09-02T15:30:38Z2010-09-02T15:30:38ZOnce you start reviewing source code for security issues, it because all to easy to get lost in the weeds. This presentation will outline many of the common practices used, and when to use them, to be successful.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26987The Developer's Guide To Scrum2010-09-14T13:28:33Z2010-09-14T13:28:33ZA hands on exploration of Scrum, the project management framework, focusing on the responsibilities and goals of the developer.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26988WCF 4.0: Simplifying the Developer Experience2010-09-15T05:37:38Z2010-09-15T05:37:38ZWindows Communication Foundation is the primary framework for building distributed applications and services. The major focus of WCF 4.0 was simplifying the learning curve and increasing adoption of this core communication technology in the Microsoft .Net stack. This session will explore new features and capabilities of WCF 4.0.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26989WCF RIA Services2010-10-04T19:46:06Z2010-10-04T19:46:06ZMicrosoft WCF RIA Services simplifies the traditional n-tier application pattern by bringing together the ASP.NET and Silverlight platforms using WCF.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26990Web Security - Beyond Lists2010-09-02T15:30:10Z2010-09-02T15:30:10ZUnderstanding what can happen-- i.e vulnerability lists-- is a great start in your journey. But what is more important is how you apply successful strategies-- both in code AND in process-- that prevent people from stealing your lunch money. This presentation will cover philosophies, principles, and strategies used to secure web applications beyond simplistic vulnerability lists. It will focus on things you could (and should) be doing right now and provide some direction on where you might consider going in the future.Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Campuuid:c65843e2-0e96-4cab-ac81-9a55f6b75352;id=26991XNA Development - Creating Games for Windows, Xbox 360, Zune, and Windows Phone 72010-10-22T17:29:34Z2010-10-22T17:29:34ZCreating Games for Windows, Xbox 360, Zune, and Windows Phone 7Copyright ©2010-2024, Desert Code Camp